About us

Train safe, feel safe, get in shape and kick ass! Don’t be GYMTIMIDATED

ELITEBOX is the first and only boutique boxing gym in Lagos, Nigeria.

Boxing is the trending training of choice. Modern day athletes, as well as top Victoria secret models, are implementing boxing into their workouts. This is because boxing is the ultimate test of one’s fitness. It tests and develops mental fortitude, endurance, upper and lower body strength. To put it simply, boxing gets you to your peak physical and mental state fast! Look it up.

Elitebox brings a world-class boxing fitness solution to Lagos. Step into our playground as we bring the old school boxing to the mainstream. Run away from the treadmill and revolutionize your training with our unique and raw equipment, inspired by the training methods of the old greats like Mohammed Ali, Joe Louis, Sugar Ray Robinson, George Foreman to name a few.

Drop all preconceptions and notions you have about fitness, no more room for boring workouts once you enter our realm. Come and see for yourself.

Elitebox cultivates a friendly and open culture for all genders and ages striving to achieve their individual goals while having fun and making friends at the same time. Be a part of the Team Elite family and plant the roots of a champions’ lifestyle.

Our Team