THE ELITEBOX SUPPORT is a focused charity fund created to support boxers in Nigeria through providing much needed and quality boxing equipment and essentials, along with access to our world class facilities for aspiring and established boxing talent.

 We identify and support all levels of boxers from young upstarts to already establish professionals within the country. We generate funds organically through our classes and welcome external donations from individuals and companies alike moving forward. We encourage all Boxing/ fitness enthusiast and companies to enquire about the Elitebox support and learn more about the work we do. We are determine to have a positive influence on the lives of young aspiring boys and girls within our sport.

 Elitebox is currently supporting the only active Nigerian pro boxing world champion. You too can play a role in creating and sustaining future and current Nigerian champions.   If you would like to be apart of our boxing family and have the talent you feel we should support, get in contact with our team.